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Excessive Sweating Info – The Story of Jim’s Excessive Sweating Days

Beads of sweat are starting to trickle down from his gelled-up hair unto the side of his temples, and quietly dripping onto the table. Iontoforesis Jim had only been waiting for his first blind date ever for only fifteen minutes and he can already feel the jitters choking his entire nervous system. His left leg is getting a muscle spasm, shaking uncontrollably while his underarms are slowly pooling a damp of sweat underneath his thick suede jacket.

Oh dear! Is this going to be one of those days where Jim had to be embarrassed with his excessive sweating problem again? Is this going to be another day where Jim had to be drenched in sweat while smelling worse than a dead skunk?

Jim had never been able to identify the cause of his excessive sweating. On some days, it could be the unforgiving weather. On other bad days, it could be due to his nervous disposition and sudden panic attacks. For someone who has been battling with excessive sweating for almost a good period of his adolescent life, Jim has never been able to control his excessive sweating problems effectively.

There was once when he asked his parents if the cause of excessive sweating was due to any genetic traits. Jim was hoping that was the case as it would be much easier to cure his excessive sweating issues with the help of a family member. However, none of his family members had similar problems before. Of course sweating excessively during vigorous exercises was normal but not so during periods of inactivity.

Jim went to see his family doctor to see if there was any medical condition that could be the cause of excessive sweating. Fortunately, hiperhidrosis which is a condition that produces sweat glands excessively was ruled out for him.

Of course, the doctor gave him some options for him to cure his excessive sweating state. Some of the treatment for excessive sweating that was recommended was of course to use the popular brands of antiperspirant in the market. However, he was also duly informed that antiperspirant only helps to prevent the sweat glands from functioning. In the long run, Jim had to find a natural solution to control his excessive sweating concerns.

The doctor also suggested surgical methods to deal with Jim’s excessive sweating problem for good. Any surgery involving a patient suffering from excessive sweating is operated to inhibit the sweat glands from functioning completely. However, unless his sweating problems have been tormenting his social life, this treatment for excessive sweating is a radical step to go through.

In the meantime, the doctor had asked Jim to look out for any natural treatment first before attempting the costly ones like a Botox treatment or anything close to that.

Well, finally after thirty minutes of waiting in full anticipation, his first ever blind date finally showed up. She was tall, confident and had a cheerful outlook. After a quick apology for coming late for the date, she offered a handshake. This is the part where Jim had to discreetly wipe his sweaty palms with the table cloth to avoid a wet shake.

However, Jim’s hands were so wet that he could be banned from throwing a live grenade if he was ever in the military. Jim’s sweating state did not go unnoticed from the observing eyes of Jean. And she said, “Oh Jim, why are you so nervous? Calm down, I’m not Angelina Jolie…”

As they sat down to consume their pre-ordered meals, Jean was quick to pacify him that it was alright to be in the condition he was in. Jean went on further to reveal that she had a cousin once who was also suffering from excessive sweating. Suddenly, sparks began to fly and Jim kept his interest close to his heart.

As they continued into their conversation, Jean told him that her cousin has been able to control her excessive sweating gradually. She even wrote him a website on the serviette where both of them had came across which had tons of free information on the natural treatment for excessive sweating. In fact, one of which was using a product so commonly found in most kitchens.

As one can probably guess, the first thing that Jim did once he got back from the wonderful dinner with Jean was to check out the website that was recommended. He found a couple of good resources on excessive sweating which he will start to implement immediately.

He also found a few e-books written specifically to help deal with excessive sweating in the most natural ways possible. Jim was very positive that his excessive sweating can be cured once and for all. And he had his first ever blind date to thank for!