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Religious Ideals Are Crimes Against Humanity

Religious Lies Start with Heaven and Hell

While my life’s work has been focused on undoing religious lies it is now turned towards the crimes Cards Against Humanity of which organisations calling themselves religions are guilty. No religion can escape its past and many are engaged right now in mass murder, discrimination, selective execution, harassment of non-conformers and so on. The horror of terrorism is one aspect that affects entire nations of people and the 9/11 massacred is a case in point. But it goes much further than that. Include in the mix bullying of individuals, threats of hell and eternal damnation, the forced wearing of what could be described as ridiculous garments, compulsory reciting of prayers and the learning of passages from books on a regular basis, and much more.

Reincarnation Memory

With memory of reincarnation to draw on it is a fact that there is no heaven or hell but these are the triggers that make religions workable. The broom sweeping people in is the promise of eternal salvation and a paradise of everything one could desire. Of course no one can see or touch it until after death so that lets the belief system off the hook as far as proving their case.

Hell is Terrorism

Likewise there is no hell. The term hell is from ‘hel-i-o-s’ that translates as ‘hill of the eye-circle of light’. In antiquity it was normal for people to travel to the highest peaks to witness the sun rise and the circle of perpetually moving colors in the center of which appears the cross. It is the Greek term for ‘sun’ and the heat of the sun applies to the hell of man’s creation. The threat of hell is terrorism and many have gone mad in anticipation of the fate awaiting them after death.

Islam Source of All Religions

All religions have emerged from one source – Islam. This was first mentioned in Genesis in relation to Ismal (Ishmal). The Jews and Greeks inserted the letter [h]. He was cast out with the promise that he would be archer and his hand would be against all mankind. It was also prophesied that he would become a great nation. As an archer he is a hunter and killer and he went into Egypt. ‘I-s-m-al’ translates as ‘eye of light-mother god’. When compiled another way it is ‘I-s-l-a-m’ which translates as ‘eye of light-god-powerful-mother’.

Mother God is the Sun

The powerful mother of the ancient world and for many in the modern age is the sun. Islam worships the sun, as do all religions born of it. The Mother God was called ‘Mari’ and cited and nations of people were named after her, e.g. Maori and Maya. The Australian aborigines still refer to their elders (male and female) as ‘Mary’ and they have been separated for around 60,000 years. Mary, Mother God, was adopted by the Catholic Church as Virgin Mary, Mother of God.